Training is also a very personalized aspect of health and fitness. The correct exercise program must take into consideration many factors such as current goals, age, sex, any disabilities, and time constraints. Tailoring a workout to fit your needs and give you the results you want is a process. Over the years my training style has changed several times in an attempt to find which works best for my body. I have found a good balance that incorporates both muscular strength and size increases that my clients and I have seen great results from. Proper training also comes with fat loss from the higher intensities associated with weight lifting and from the muscle gained that requires more calories to sustain at rest. 

With my 13 years of exercise experience, 7 years of developing workout routines for over 100 followers, and competing as a natural bodybuilder I am confident in the skills and knowledge I have acquired in developing personalized workout routines for any goal. I hope I can be a part of your fitness journey and inspire you to reach your goals in an effort to glorify God with the gifts and passions he has blessed you with.






As a natural bodybuilder I have relied on proper nutrition and supplementation to construct the body I want. However, supplements are just that, a supplement to nutrition, not a resource to take instead of food. Conversely, I understand that depending on a person’s goals and necessity to lose body fat taking a meal replacement drink or bar in place of a meal can be a great way to lower the total calorie intake while maintaining proper nutrition.

For years I have relied on whey protein, a meal replacement drink called Chike, glutamine, creatine monohydrate, branched chain amino acids, dextrose, maltodextrin, and a multivitamin and mineral supplement. The right amounts of these supplements at the right times has had a tremendous impact on the level of health and fitness I have reached and allowed me to make gains naturally that I can sustain as opposed to the rollercoaster of weight and strength fluctuations associated with performance enhancing drug use. However, not everyone needs all of these supplements or these exact ones that I use, these are just the ones I have seen the best results from over the years and have become a part of my nutrition lifestyle.