Nutrition is probably the most underutilized and least understood aspect of health and fitness. Nutrition isn’t just about trying to sculpt your physique, it is about feeding your body properly to allow it to function and perform at its’ best.  Proper nutrition significantly impacts how quickly you reach goals by fine-tuning macronutrient intake to enhance the recovery process and provide enough energy to power through workouts. 

With my background in exercise and nutrition, degrees in biology and nutrition, continuing education to become a Registered Dietitian, nutrition counseling with all levels of athletes and motivated individuals, and years of competing as a natural bodybuilder I have learned not only the importance of proper nutrition, but how to customize nutrition plans for individuals. Let me build you a nutrition plan and get you started down the path of a healthier lifestyle. 





An additional service I offer through Fit For Him is a personalized nutrition plan. To get you started off on the right track please download and fill out the attached 3 Day Nutrition Assessment form. Here you will record what you eat and drink for three days along with estimations of portion sizes. This will help provide a good starting point for your calorie intake as well as how to plan meals that fit your busy schedule. From there I can customize a plan that are able to accommodate and have the best chance of success as possible.  

Phone consultation of your 3 Day Nutrition Assessment    $75/HOUR
Included I will; 
review your current eating habits and schedule and provide information to help you better understand what needs to change and why provide options for foods that will better suit your current goal provide information on how to speed up your metabolism to promote fat loss and muscle building

* This option does not include a detailed nutrition plan, only information based on your 3 Day Nutrition Assessment to help you make necessary changes and understand the basis of what is needed to accomplish your goals



I will construct a detailed nutrition plan based on your goals, schedule, food preferences, and calculated calorie intake

* To be able to purchase this option you must first purchase and complete the 3 Day Nutrition Assessment and the phone consultation.


Workout Program    $14.95/month

As a member of FFH you will be able to choose a workout program that meets your goal and receive a 5-day workout routine every week. As a part of the FFH Revolution I will be recording videos to demonstrate how I go through the workouts, how to interpret the set and rep schemes I use, tips on form that can help target specific muscles, as well as alternate exercises to perform in place of others that you are unable to perform due to an injury or limitation.

Pick your goal of losing fat, increasing size, or increasing strength and I will send you detailed workouts with descriptions on how to perform certain exercises correctly and the intended weight level to be used.